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It's Just Blood

by Eyes Like Birds

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The Crypts! A lushly textured indie-folk odyssey that offers complex musings of the world we live in. As beautiful and catchy as it is nuanced. Favorite track: Blood Moon.
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Go West 04:28
If there was a calm before the storm I can’t recall Tryin’ to get home just can't remember how Cold sweat of searching for something familiar Unsteady with doubt, I’ll follow the river Waiting for a sign that I should go But all I got’s red flashing lights how could I know? Go west, go east - It’s all the same to me Always missing the boat and the plane I’ll try my luck with the bus or the train A sure footed run won’t help with the swim useless jumps from the highest limbs Go west, go east - As long as you go easy on me
Blood Moon 04:16
Blood drains into a lunar tide Puddles pooling into the sky The cycle spins – shake the water out A second skin started by a drought They say it’s the end of things Prophets, blood, smoke that stings On the corner a man’s telling me Stories of home and what will be Drown your trouble in the lake tonight Change is coming - see it in her eyes - Water’s rising - the boat is filling up A lost horizon spilling from a cup How far until we reach the shore? How deep is the ocean floor? Knots learned to sail this ship Tie weights that are the end of it To the right of Venus, the prophets of doom Cornerstones of a rounded room Time to cash in, with darkness commune 24 months and a quarter ‘til soon Vapor of smoke and the planets humming Catch the last breath of what we’re becoming What are we becoming? Did you wake up to see it align? Eclipse what’s near, blacken the sky Who’s the witness, the tick of a clock? Time’s a compass, stumble then walk The sun will sing your favorite tune Rings on trees, a hush in the room South locks eyes with east and then The end begins and happens again
That's Fine 03:06
If it’s the elusive groove that hangs in the balance I don’t mind I’ll sing and play the way I write, Don’t mean to be callous but I find That you’re so eager to take the scenic route But truth comes easier between the one and the two Dress me down three lines or less, Do you suspect I’m inclined To take the scars over the arms, Peel the layers one at a time? But I’m always directed to the obvious question Why do I feel the need to stay so protected Because of course it's easier to take the scenic route But I'm so goddamn eager between the one and the two
Hands Up 06:07
Hands up, white flags in the air My heart is beating me Waiting for you to meet my glare my mind is losing me Criminals long before Climbing through broken windows. Convicted long before “Refusing to disperse” Criminals long before Burning down a city block Convicted long before Stepping off of the sidewalk And they'd handpicked the jury And paid for a judge Said, "make a deal," with fury And who are the criminals? Calm on the sea of "progress" But on the inside of the wave The undertow pulls the oppressed Back against the wall of the cave Bodies tossed with disrespect Trying to shed our fears Nothing's balanced no one's checked Throwing canisters of tears Can’t breathe, can’t shed this skin The street’s the safest place I know No wrong place wrong time situation Best case, wrongs are exposed Yes I know I should back up But my heart is beating me
Angel Dust 03:02
Furnace breath shakes the fringe On that old throw And the cobwebs on a dusty angel’s nose My house is haunted now By the things that used to be By the breath of you and me Seems like the veil is thinner these days Pictures on the walls Ghosts roaming the halls Mold, memories, and rust Words spoken in anger and lust Blow the dust off that angel and wait And maybe three wishes I can make Or God will finally shake you awake Seems like the veil is thinner these days Need to burn this place down But then what would we do, dear, With the pieces of souls That long to live here? No, all I see are specks of blood Live and life and work so hard I can’t believe how willing you are Lies and promises never kept Duck tape, nails, and cigarettes This is a risk you cannot assess So many times you’ve dug in your heels Stopped me in my tracks Now you know how it feels Seems like the veil is thinner these days
I looked up and there he stood Staring out at the water, the sea I walked away I was afraid I don’t think he likes the song we sing Good God, what have we become? So my father’s not your father what’re you gonna do, how will you sleep? Kill your sister? Jail your mother? Because she prays to another? How do you sleep? How long before it all turns on you? Close my eyes and he’s still there But history runs in circles taken the wrong way He walks away, I am afraid I don’t think he liked the song we sang It’s fundamental, the root of all evil Bodies deep as your belief What if you’re right, we are all wrong How can you be sure Let some other God fight your war Good God, what have we become?
In Her Orbit 03:20
She's got a lot of plates spinning She does everything she can To keep gravity from winning To keep the upper hand She just throws them into the dark Like they never mattered Blinds herself to the spark And deaf to the shatters Run over give that one a push One more star in your crown Close your eyes, make a wish Don’t let them down Pulling planets on a string in circles on the stage Blot out the sun, now she's the king Rings on! It's the new age Sometimes she lays them down In the blood moon’s kiss Like she don’t even know them Like some forgotten myth Hiding gimmicks she can only know Pull the string now, Watch them go This bed of nails will call her bluff This planet’s pull’s not strong enough Don’t let me down
Shame 04:55
Lucky us, you found another soapbox Forgive us we can't be your culture cops Soapbox Everybody thinks they're Getting away with something Everybody thinks they're Getting away with something But I just want to relate What a rush, now you know what What a fuss new religion makes you lick your chops Cheeks flushed, race against time But you can’t catch up, what a rush Back’s up against the crowd, push ‘til they give up Must be tough to care so much about the rest of us Must be tough I get it (It’s a shame) everything's fucked What remains is part of that broken heart I get it (It’s a shame), I see you (It’s a shame) fucking stuck Heart split in two, just like you A ferocious child bride Just precocious is lost in tides Undercover, heartbroken Lost her lover, chain smokin’ Fight fire with gasoline Reform everything
You close your eyes, let out a cold goodbye When did these feelings start decaying What if you cried and reasons were denied Please don’t make me cruel to be kind Maybe we could bend together, sway like we’re a tree But, for now, these brittle branches need some trimming We promise change but it all just remains I'll cover my eyes and throw off the reins I don’t know why we’re so damn scared to try And every intention gets lost in your eyes I feel like I’ve been sleeping in The sun’s running laps around me But the room keeps darkening So I’ll scrape the windowpane Climb through the mud and the rain It’s always the same, you try to explain, I’ll blame my brain But it’s just blood that runs in our veins I’ve seen the truth, what’s true isn’t always proof The reason’s a secret we knew I buried this view with tools I learned from you Then I pulled myself out by the roots
Hazel 04:32
Mama, my heart is heavy I know you told me Arms and legs will grow if I go I wanna stay home, I wanna stay small, I wanna need you Mama, the weight I carry You know I asked you where will our world go Do you know Pocketful of posies Put ‘em in an orange juice glass Make everything the way it was Before we turn to ash Mama let's close the gate Mama we'll close the gate Let's clear the clothes line Throw sheets where the wind won't blow We can go Mama you helped me build these four walls Don't let them fall I'll play the quiet game And the one where the blanket is the frame Step outside just to hear you call Outside the shade an endless fall
Ouroboros 04:14
The wind calls a/my name through the trees Black birds flutter confused Footsteps rushing through the leaves Accuse me, the dirt’s on my shoes The elephant in the room is stepping on my toes The moon is a searchlight tonight It’s not like I had any plans I guess it’s easier to see in the light That the blood’s on my hands The snake in the grass is riding my coattails Wearing that dead woman’s heels They’re small shoes for this frame Step by step I’ll learn to feel Truth that puts this devil to shame The hand that feeds me has a bitter taste It’s all coming into focus Yet, I’m still consumed I couldn’t see with all that closeness That I put salt in my wound I am the elephant, I am the snake I am the hand that feeds and I’m bleeding me I am the snake


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studio, Fredericksburg, VA

Thank you to everyone who made this album and these songs possible. Special Thanks to Haylee Hill, Dave Robinson, Matt Luger, Joelle Cathleen, Carol & Bill Ewing, Aidan Charles, Robert Pants and Jeff Covert (we love the way you cut)

Most of all, thank you to anyone who listens.
Thank you for letting us spend time with you.

“I wanted your eyes, like the shadows
of two small birds, to change.
But they did not age.
The smile that gathered me in, all wit,
all charm, was invincible.
Hour after hour I looked at your face
but I could not pull the roots out of it.”
-Anne Sexton, Christmas Eve


released December 1, 2018

Emily Barker: Vocals, Ukulele, Autoharp, Violin
Jenna Kole: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Scott Wagner: Upright Bass, Guitar on “Angel Dust”
Jay Kole: Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone
Jeff Covert: Additional Guitars, Cat Wrangling


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Eyes Like Birds Fredericksburg, Virginia

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